Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Hannes Wallrafen, the famous Dutch/German photo artist who lost his eyesight at the height of his career, now 11 years ago. Wallrafen is famous for his staged photography through which he sought to translate time into engineered images. His work can be regarded as personal interpretations of local history: Storytelling at its core.



Wallrafen’s work is included in many art collections across the world, such as the ‘Stedelijk Museum’ and ‘Nederlands Fotomuseum’. ‘De Schimmel’ is a demonstration of Wallrafen’s appraised talent and skill.

Yesterday I was, with my own work, a guest at a Dutch television programme called Fotostudio de Jong. After the show I took this picture. Next to him is Wilfried de Jong, the TV presenter. Behind them you see photos made by Wallrafen.


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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

  1. Wat leuk dat jij in de show bent geweest, en fijn dat je foto is gepresenteerd, moet een echte kick geven.
    Je hebt er ook weer een prachtig beeld aan over gehouden, goed getimed, zullen velen jaloers op zijn 🙂

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